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Ollie - Arbre à chat en contreplaqué

Ollie - Arbre à chat en contreplaqué

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L'Ollie est notre premier design d'arbre à chat en contreplaqué. Il est disponible en trois tailles, ce qui le rend parfait pour n'importe quel nombre de chats et n'importe quel intérieur.

Pourquoi acheter cet arbre à chat Agile™ ?

  • Contrairement à la plupart des arbres à chat, nos arbres à chat modernes améliorent l'apparence de votre maison
  • Convient aux chats lourds, chaque plate-forme supporte jusqu'à 15 kg
  • Fait de matériaux extrêmement confortables et de première qualité qui sont garantis pour durer 
  • Conçu pour les chats : les chats adorent les lits douillets et le hamac de sieste en option au sommet

    Dimensions et poids

    2 niveaux :

    • Base : 60 cm x 48 cm
    • Hauteur : 130 cm

    3 niveaux :

    • Base : 60 cm x 48 cm
    • Hauteur : 145 cm

    4 niveaux :

    • Base : 75 cm x 55 cm
    • Hauteur : 175 cm


    • Contreplaqué de bouleau (sans vernis ni finition)
    • Matière Oeko-Tex® pour coussins/hamac
    • Grattoirs à corde en sisal naturel

    Product Details

    STURDY AND LONG-LASTING: Made of real pine plywood with a stable base and non-slip feet. This makes it suitable for large cats, with each platform supporting up to 15 kg. AGILE cat trees are made of high-quality materials and are built to last.

    HEALTHY AND FUN: Designed with natural sisal scratching posts and multiple jumping platforms to fully satisfy your cat's needs. Keep their claws away from furniture and curtains. Cats adore the spacious cat condo, the cozy beds, the hammock, and the various platforms to explore.

    BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Its appealing appearance will complement any room in your home. We believe that pet furniture should enhance rather than detract from the appearance of your home.

    EASY TO CLEAN: When compared to traditional carpet cat trees, wood allows for easier cleaning. Cushions are removable and washable. Allowing the cushions to air dry is recommended, do not tumble dry.

    CLOUD-NINE COMFORT: We love soft beds, and cats do as well. The top bed cushion is luxuriously designed for your cat. Cushioned borders ensure that your cat is comfortable and sleeps well.


    60 x 48 x 145 cm. Suitable for one or two cats of all sizes.

    Shipping & Returns

    Free shipping Canada-wide on all orders. Most orders are delivered within 3-5 business days. Free returns for full refund are accepted within 30 days of delivery.

    Care Instructions

    Do not tumble-dry the cushions, we recommend air drying. Use a warm wet cloth to clean plywood surfaces.

    Free shipping within Canada
    30-day hassle-free returns
    One year warranty
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 67 reviews
    Katja Hyvarinen
    Looks great and cats love it

    I ordered this just a few days ago and it's already arrived. I was able to build this myself in about 20 mins or less, so it was very easy to put together. I have two Ragdolls, 12.5 and 14 lbs so I was specially looking for a large, stable cat tree with good sized beds and perches and this ticks all the boxes. My cats are loving it and have been sleeping up there all afternoon since I put it together. I will definitely be checking out agile cat trees when I need to buy another tree for them.

    It’s beautiful!

    The cats love it, so do I! Wish I bought one of these sooner. The cats have been scratching and climbing non stop. Hopefully now they’ll leave the couch alone!

    Beautiful tree but my cat won't use it :(

    A bit wobbly on the top but the cushions are really soft and nice

    Bonnie L.
    Worth Every Penny!

    Finally! A cat tree that is as easy on the eyes as it is functional. Thank you Agile Designs for giving us furparents options other than shag covered monstrosities. Not only does the Ollie 175cm make me happy by being very well made and super sturdy, it also looks great! More importantly, it makes my furbaby extremely happy. Why? Because it has exactly what any true Kitty Castle needs - soft comfy places for snoozing and lounging, things to scratch, a cubby hole for when one must be invisible, things to climb, dangly bits to play with and, of course, a perch high above all else where one can sit and keep tabs on the entire kingdom. That's why!!!

    Rachel C

    Sturdy and pleasing to the eye, especially against the crappy carpeted one we had before. I asked the company what the tubes were, they said heavy duty plastic but they are cardboard. The inserts the hardware go into are thick plastic, much thicker that the pet store cat tree equivalent. And hardware is all heavy duty. Very solid cat tree, only mildly wiggly when our 14 pound cat traverses it. Buster cat really seems to like it, he's definitely a cozy bed with sides cat. It's a little awkward for him to get in the top bed. The carpeted tree he sort of jumped/dragged himself up to the top, and he can't really do that with this tree. I've offset the hammock piece a bit to be a jumping platform. He has jumped from the top to the hammock without destroying it, so very sturdy! Yes, this is made in China. They seem to have figured out the packaging, it came in one box that was shrink wrapped, so no hardware escaped. Each piece wrapped in plastic but no other padding. Not hard to put together but the bottom flat bed piece had an extra hole in it which I couldn't figure out so I ignored it and went on. I include a picture of the broken bit on the old cat tree. You can see how much wider and more stable the Agile tube is, and the plastic insert is 2 or 3 times as thick, so I think it should hold up well.